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I saw a quote on tumblr that said "College is kind of like wiping out on your own banana peel in Mariokart"

and I laughed at first but then I realized how close that hit to home


MMMmmmmkay I worked hard as an A/B student for many a year in my small childhood
Like I worked my ass off
But in the end it gets you to college where you have to work your ass off even more

This is great and all. Like mmmyeah sure if I survive this I will end up with a career that pays around 100k a year soooo
yay for me

But it's kind of difficult for my because for the past threeish years I've been going through this personality change
(honestly puberty changed my personality more than anything)

And one characteristic of my new personality is this unending wanderlust. The need to own less. I just want to sell everything, get an RV and travel the United States as a pro hippie dirtbag. 

Soooooo to sum it up I've got a one way ticket to the middle upper class but I'd rather be Jesus.
  • Mood: Zest
(probably not)

TheCreatorOfSoften had a lovely idea to apply a mary sue test to herself and I thought it was really fun to I'm going to have more fun and do one myself. You can find hers here:
  Audrey Takes a Mary Sue TestTime to find out if I am a Mary Sue :U
yes, I am actually using myself for this test. Time to find out if I qualify. I got this from a journal I found here on DA my captions are in bold
Mary Sue/Gary Stu test:
[] They have a rare hair/fur colour
[] Their eyes are an unusual colour (brown is the most common lol)
[] This happens to be red
[] Their eyes change colour
[] (if a female) they have large boobs (do you really think I care)
[] (if a male) they are very muscular
[] They are very attractive to the opposite gender (again, do you really think I care)
[] They are very attractive to the same gender (still don't care)
[/] They have lots of friends/no friends (I have lots of friends but at the same time I have very little)
[] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet
[] They have a guardian spirit
[] Some part of their body glows(that isn't supposed to glow in their species/race)
[] They are emo/cutesy
[] They have wings
[] They always dre

Alright, let's do this. 

Mary Sue/Gary Stu test:


[x] They have a rare hair/fur colour (I have a random dime size patch of red hair)
[] Their eyes are an unusual colour 
[] This happens to be red
[x] Their eyes change colour (Hazel eyes do change color, but that's just because different colors reflect differently in different types of light, such is the nature of color.)
[] (if a female) they have large boobs (MORE LIKE THE OPPOSITE)
[] (if a male) they are very muscular
[] They are very attractive to the opposite gender 
[] They are very attractive to the same gender 
[] They have lots of friends/no friends 
[] They have an unusual/unrealistic pet
[] They have a guardian spirit 
[] Some part of their body glows
[x] They are emo/cutesy (I am drawn to overly cutesy pink frilly girly things, p gross to some people)
[] They have wings 
[x] They always dress like a certain 'label' (Nowadays I have to dress like a preppy private college kid)
[] They look quite a bit like a character from a popular anime/manga 
[x] They have a piece of jewelry/clothing that they always wear I wear a mermaid locket that holds half my boyfriend's matching necklace charm...yeah long distance is rough eh.
Subtotal: 5


[] They have a twin/sibling that they were separated from at birth
[] They have an evil nemesis 
[] Who is their sibling
[x] They are from a very poor/lowly family
[x] They are from a rich/royal family (I have definitely experienced both sides of this spectrum in my lifetime).
[] They don't know that they are from a very rich/royal background
[] They have lost one/both of their parents
[] They witnessed one/both of their parent's death/s
[] Who were killed by the OC's arch nemesis
[x] Their parents are cruel, uncaring, abusive etc. (yeah not so much any more but there was a time in my life...)
[] So they ran away from home, and somehow fell in with a famous hero, or bumped into an infamous villain who promptly became their arch nemesis
[] Their parents were fine, but they ran away from home anyway, seeking adventure
[x] They look much younger/older than they really are. (When I was in middle school I looked too young, but now people say I look old for my age?)
[] They never knew their parents
[] They were abused/spoiled as a child
[x] They are currently in a relationship
Subtotal: 5


[] They are possessed by an angel
[] They are possessed by a demon
[] But they struggle to be good anyway
[] They are a mythical creature
[] They are an alien
[] They are part mythical creature
[] They are part alien
[] They are a race/species that is discriminated against/misunderstood
[] They are a mythical creature/alien who was raised by human parents
[] And they grew up thinking they were human
[] They are the last of their kind 
Double your points if they are descended from two or more kinds of mythical creatures/aliens
Subtotal: 0


[] They are telekinetic/pyrokinetic/etc
[] They have sixth sense/can mind-read/etc
[] They have an object of some sort that gives them powers 
[] But they don't know about it yet 
[] They were bestowed/cursed with these powers
[] They can grow extra body parts/shapeshift 
[] They are immortal(cannot be killed by conventional means)
[] They can summon spirits/demons/angels etc. 
[] They have a 'special type' of soul
[x] Their soul is not the same as them (I'm gonna artistic will clashes with my need for math and analytical stimulation)
[] They can talk to spirits/ghosts (Anyone can talk TO spirits; it's getting them to talk back that is the hard part)
[x] They have a certain power that is misunderstood/feared (religion and spirituality...)
[] Certain noises/smells/situations/etc make their powers activate/give them a nervous breakdown
Subtotal: 2


[x] They have a mental disorder 
[] They have an emotional disorder 
[] They struggle to stay sane
[] They talk about their struggle to stay sane a lot
[] They are a psycho
[] They have multiple personalities(x2 if this is shown to be funny)
[x] They are very intelligent (There's a spectrum and I know I'm somewhere up high just not super high)
[] They are not smart, but in a funny way, and somehow always manage to find the hidden switch/secret door
[] They have hallucinations
[] They are very mysterious/dark 
[] They are very lively/happy
[x] Their mood changes a lot/very quickly
[] They are very patient
Subtotal: 3


[] They are physically strong 
[x] They have lots of morals and state them a fair bit. For example: 'I would rather be with my friends than with my boyfriend/girlfriend' 'Nothing matters more to me than my friends/family' 'I wouldn't hesitate to die in place of a friend' etc. It's fine if your OC has these beliefs/values, but if they constantly say them out loud/preach them to others, then we have a problem.
[] They have a rare/unusual name 
[x] They were born on an important date, such as New Year's Eve, Midsummers Night, The Winter Solstace etc. (Leon day… Halfway to Christmas)
[x] They are connected with a certain element (water water water oceans oceans oceans)
[x] They are connected with a certain animal (cats)
[] They live/lived on the streets at some point in their lives
[] They are hiding from someone/something 
[] They have a rare blood type 
[] They cry blood
[] They are from a different country to where they live
[] They are from a long line of ninjas/magical princesses/paladins/ad nauseum
[] They come from two such lines
[] Which have been at war for all of history
[] But are now at peace because of the OCs parents who loved each other in defiance of their families' hatred, showing them there was a better way (my god, I can't count how many time I've seen this)
[] They have amnesia
[] They have some sort of permanent medical condition
[] The have a curse upon them
[] They are involved in some sort of prophecy
[] They are 'the chosen one'
Subtotal: 4

Total: 19

Point Reductions

Take points off your OCs overall score if they fit any of the following statements:

[] They smoke 
[] They are an alcoholic
[] They are overweight
[] They are addicted to drugs
[] They have a short temper
[] They enjoy bullying others
[] They do not care much about others 
[] They are emotionless 
[] They are stupid, in an unfunny way
[] They are unattractive
Total Reduction: 0

Final Total: 19

<5 -Anti-Sue
Your character may be a bit on the boring side. No reason a character scoring this low can't be a a fascinating and exciting character, but generally if they are scoring this low, it wouldn't hurt to 'spice them up' a bit.

6-15 -Balanced Character
If your OC scored around here, then they are probably quite a well-balanced and interesting character. Those scoring in the higher end of this category may be a bit too much though.

16-25 -Borderline Mary-Sue
You probably need to tone your character down; characters that score this high tend to annoy people.

26> -Mary-Sue

Results: Borderline Mary Sue
You heard it first here. I probably need to tone it down ;)
  • Mood: Content
Hello darlings.
I don't know why but I feel the need to write a journal.
I'm not even completely sure why I'm doing this because my life is pretty normal right now.

I just have this need to express my religious values right now?? I know that's not popular in many circles.
It's this feeling I have that I'm being full-like my heart is full. I can't describe it in any way other than...I feel like my personality is being returned to the way I viewed the world as a child. As a child, I was very loving and accepting. I never had enemies because I loved everyone. It's stupid...but not. You'd be surprised how much better you can feel when you feel a presence of love around you...which is exactly what I feel at BYU. Everybody cares about each other here. There's this thing called home teaching where two people come to your house and give you a brief religious teaching and they check in on you. Last night they came over (they do it once a month) and it was the first time I had a home teaching. It was literally exactly what I needed. I had been legitimately crying for a few hours because I felt lonely. I really really really miss my boyfriend and he really really really misses me too and it's been hard for us. I've been second guessing my decision to go here because I miss him that bad- the thing is I know I made the right choice. I know I belong here. I'd be lieing if I said I thought the people here were crazies and I hate them. I really love them. Their culture is so beautiful. It's a culture based on Jesus and really what more could you want? Okay...maybe if they didn't think their church was the only true church. That gets kind of annoying because I'm a bit of a nondenomination Christian. I have a very distinct religious belief that all religions are correct in their own way. Paradoxical? Yeah I know. I'm maybe the crazy one. I don't know. I just really like religion. I really relate to Piscene from Life of Pi. Constantly. That is my life. 

Goodbye darlings.
This has been a bunch of rambling and it's probably incoherent but I'm not editing it because I have to go to bed. 
Okay g'night. 
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: cars outside my dooooooor

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TheCreatorOfSoften Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
How is college going, Nikki? :la:
InTheDeepEnd Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and busyyyyyyyyy

i have two papers...maybe more not sure...due this week ahhhhhh
so many essayyyyyysss

thank you ap classes for giving me essay writing skills

anyway yeah how are your classes? are you doing anything related to animation yet?
TheCreatorOfSoften Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2015  Student Digital Artist
They assign so much in college :iconotlplz: Having to write one essay is bad enough, but more than one is a killer x.x

My classes are going well so far. The closest thing I have to animation right now is Film Appreciation, which isn't too close because we watch movies and then analyze them. It's a great class though.
As for my others, I think Math is going okay for me (but it's math so I can never be sure). I have an astronomy test tomorrow and I checked the study guide and it looks really easy??? welp my professor did say that quizzes were more important than the tests :XD: still, hopefully I will do good on the test
My women's studies class is basically Tumblr in the form of a class. We learn about privilege, oppression, all kinds of gender and sexualities that I've already heard about thanks to Tumblr. XD Of course that doesn't necessarily make it easy, but a lot of these kids hadn't even heard of pansexuality. It's surprising how much we learn on the internet :U
InTheDeepEnd Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I feel this so hard right now i have three essays to write this weekend aaaaa

What do you do for film appreciation? Would that be like watching movies and analyzing them in essays??? That sounds pretty fun I would love that. 

What kind of math are you in?? Sorry if you said and I forgot. Math is so dependent on the teacher or the subject....there's two types of learning math 1. it's hard but you understand it mostly 2. it's hard and it makes you cry

oooo asronomy do you like that class???? ohmg in science olympiad one time i tried to take over astronomy from somebody who was sick and i had two hours to prepare on the bus with their notes and i died i didn't know the names of anything
i guess i've never studied astronomy before

yeahhhh i'm a hella feminist so i loveeee women's studies type things in fact i think i should take a class like that if i have time...
it's funny how much tumblr can inform you

honestly got better commetary on the republican debate (which i watched for 3 hours in an auditorium) from tumblr than from some of the professors that were talking afterward. I mean, most of tumblr's commentary was humor but there was also a lot of good analyzation about the misinformation that the republicans are spreading about abortions and how they want to keep funding the military even though over half our budget goes to the military
(1 Reply)
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
Happy birthday! :D
InTheDeepEnd Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is late but thank you aha
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
It's fine, you're welcome! :3
InTheDeepEnd Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TheCreatorOfSoften Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! :party:
InTheDeepEnd Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank u bb
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