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A couple friends of mine and I went on a nice road trip this weekend. It was the first vacation I've taken as an "adult" with no other older adults on the trip. The first day we went directly to a lake town and spent the evening on the beach + eating at Zorbaz. I'm not really sure how I feel about Zorbaz. It's got that locally owned charm...but it's a bar. I really hate being in environments where people are drinking or smoking a lot. The food is okay. They market themselves as the only "Mexican and Italian American Food Joint." It basically means they serve a lot of greasy pizza and pasta and burritos and chips and salsa. 

A highlight of the trip was spending two nights sleeping in a van in the Walmart parking lot. We folded down the seats, put a ton of blankets down and it was great. It ain't the Ritz but it isn't as bad as you would imagine. We cracked the back and front windows just a bit. The only problems we ran across were mosquitoes and how badly the windows fog up. The mosquito thing was only a problem the first night. It was kind of hard to sleep with them buzzing around my face. Second night we were smart and sprayed a shit ton of mostquito spray on the edges of the windows and on ourselves. Somehow this also helped the condensation bc the water just gathered on the sprayed parts of the windows? Probably because it was colder. You may ask how we bathed. Fresh wipes are the lord's invention. That, and never underestimate the beauty of Walmart's clean bathrooms for brushing your teeth.

I had rented an Americinn hotel room for  the third night and that was pretty great. It was in a different town so we drove really early in the morning on some backroads to get there. You will not believe how beautiful it was! The early morning sun has the prettiest lighting, plus we were by marshy land that hadn't been developed for farming because of how marshy it was. We even saw a real field of WILDFLOWERS. I totally thought they only existed in movies.

Since we were too early to check in we checked out the city. They had a Dollar Tree that was SUPER organized. That was an absurd experience. It was great to buy one dollar goods. Still have no idea how they continue to subsist with only 1 dollar goods after the collapsed economy. Next to the Dollar Tree was this mall with a movie theater inside. The mall was sketchy, and the theater was small, but it had air conditioning so it was all good. 

We saw Antman..which was....probably 4 out of 5 stars for me. I had my doubts about it in the beginning because the exposition was a little cheesy. It was just talking heads for a couple minutes. After awhile it picked up and I really enjoyed it. I appreciated that it was stylistically a little different than the other Marvel superhero movies. Also, the amount of fourth walls that they break is TOO MUCH. Marvel is too powerful. And for those of you who want to know, yes there are TWO post-credit scenes. So don't leave right away.

Hotel check in was 3 o clock and was much welcomed after an intense travel experience. WE all had AWFUL sunburns. My tan line is hilarious right now b/c I was wearing a bikini on the beach. Also ridiculously painful to wear a bra. Cold shower and the pool were great. 

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For those of you who don't know, I binge watched Steven Universe within a 24 hour time period last week. I haven't been into fandoms for the past two years and then BAM here I am back to square one. 

Steven Universe is so gay and I love it. I mean, yes it is an indirect type of homosexual, but it's the most lesbian cartoon I have ever seen on Cartoon Network. It doesn't even make a big deal about their sexuality or gender identities. It's a big step for girly lead representation too so it's a WIN WIN!

I'm not gonna spoil anything in this journal but if you wanna talk about Steven Universe hit me up in a note.

Stevenbomb 3 starts tonight and I am so excited but I don't have cable so I'll find it online tonight 
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Yay for binge watching 63 episodes of Steven Universe

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